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Транзистор MJE13001 (маркировка 13001) - NPN SILICON TRANSISTOR, 400V, 0,5A, TO-92, ST Microelectronics и другие электронные компоненты по хорошей, оптовой цене ! | Быстрая доставка почтой в любой регион России.

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MJE13001 NPN Silicon Plastic-Encapsulate Transistor Features • Capable of 1.0Watts of Power Dissipation. • Collector-current0.2A • Collector-base Voltage600V • OOperating and storage junction temperature range: -55 C to +150OC Electrical Characteristics @ 25OC Unless Otherwise Specified Symbol Parameter Min Max Units OFF CHARACTERISTICS datasheet возможны отклонения по интересующим вас.MJE13001 datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format.MJE13001 Pinout will be updated soon, now you can download the pdf datasheet to check the pinouts! MJE13001 circuits will be updated soon, now you.MJE13001 datasheet, MJE13001 ... 100 unids/lote MJE13001 MJE13003 PCR606J PCR406J 13001 13003 r606 r406 606j 406j a 92 TO92 TRANSISTOR IC en Stock € 0,84 - 1,10 / lote. May 30, 2019 · hi swagatam, What is the easiest way to build an smps. I need 110v,35v,26v dc/800ma power supply. Is there any general idea in designing smps. Cheap smps are similar to mje13001 charger circuit, some SMPS designs use BU508 as hot, and a small pwm/multivibrator is used to control hot.(like joule thief, in reduction). Метки: 13003 аналог 13003 datasheet 13001 транзистор mje13003 mje13007 mje13009 транзистор 13007 mje13005 13009 транзистор 13005 транзистор 13007 datasheet 13001 datasheet mje13001 транзистор 13001 цоколевка mje13003 аналог 13009 datasheet 13005 datasheet ... Unisonic Technologies: Part No. MJE13003-E MJE13003G-E-F-T92-B MJE13003G-E-E-T6S-K MJE13003G-E-A-T92-K : Description: HIGH VOLTAGE FAST-SWITCHING NPN POWER TRANSISTOR HIGH VOLTAGE FAST-SWITCHING NPN POWER TRANSISTOR MJE722, MJE7542, MJE800 datasheet.Selling leads from all over the world, Seekic is the world's biggest IC trading marketplace on the internet. We offer finest suppliers for MJE722, MJE7542, MJE800 you can also download the datasheet for MJE722, MJE7542, MJE800.

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Witam. Zapytanie odnośnie tranzystora MJE 13001 (TO 92) w ładowarce do telefonu. W ładowarce tej MJE ten jest sterowany popularnym 2SC945. Jest to przetwornica bardzo zubożona. Главная страница » datasheet Каталог » Транзисторы Транзистор 40n03p скачать документацию в pdf аналоги документация на русском mje13009 - биполярный высоковольтный n-p-n транзистор высокой мощности. mje13009 - популярный импортный транзистор.

www.unisonic.com.tw QW-R201-055.I MJE13001 NPN SILICON TRANSISTOR TYPICAL CHARACTERISTICS Collecter Current,IC (mA) DC Current Gain,hFE Saturation Voltage,VBE(SAT),VCE(SAT) HJ44H11 Datasheet (PDF) 1.1. hj44h11.pdf Size:171K _utc. UNISONIC TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD HJ44H11 NPN SILICON TRANSISTOR NPN EPITAXIAL PLANAR TRANSISTOR DESCRIPTION The UTC HJ44H11 is designed for such applications as: series, shunt and switching regulators; output and driver stages of amplifiers operating at frequencies from DC to greater than 1MHz; low and high frequency inverters/converters ...

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MJE13001A0 Silicon NPN transistor in a SOT-23 Plastic Package. MJE13001A1 Silicon NPN transistor in a TO-92 Plastic Package. MJE13001A2 Silicon NPN transistor in a TO-92LM Plastic Package: Shenzhen SI Semiconduct... MJE13001AH NPN BUL SERIES TRANSISTORS: Foshan Blue Rocket Elec... MJE13001AT Silicon NPN transistor in a SOT-89 Plastic Package. MJE13001B1 Silicon NPN transistor in a TO-92 Plastic Package.