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When I press the extremely useful Trace Precedents button, it draws arrows from the cells being referenced by the formula in the selected cell. As you can see, for the off-sheet reference, it shows a little icon off to the side (in cell C3 here—but C3 is completely uninvolved), and draws an arrow from there. Jan 28, 2016 · Clicking Cell B3, going to the Formulas tab on the ribbon, in the Formula Auditing group, there's an option called Trace Dependents, show errors that indicate which cells are affected by the value... Step # 1 – Select ‘Trace Dependents’ To learn how to trace dependents in Excel, we have calculated the total and average for each group separately and then for both of them collectively. So basically all cells in this sheet are connected with each other. To know which cell is connected to what, you can use the “Trace Precedents” and ...

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Excel Add-ins for Auditing Formulas RefTreeAnalyser . For detailed formula auditing, try the Excel add-in, RefTreeAnalyser. There is a free trial version available. It helps with easy auditing of formula dependents and precedents, finding circular references, checking for formula inconsistancies, and many other auditing tasks. Aug 21, 2012 · Are you looking for ways to make your Excel spreadsheets interactive but you don’t want to use VBA? For instance, what if you want to create a simple Excel dashboard where you make selections from a drop down menu, and Excel immediately updates the dashboard charts without any programming or manual copy and paste to re-run the figures?

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Jul 13, 2016 · Ctrl+[ will select all of the referenced cells — assuming they’re on the current worksheet. It will leave out any cells on other worksheets – unless the first cell in the formula is in another worksheet. In that case, it will go to the other worksheet and select only to the first cell on that worksheet (not any more than one cell). By clicking on “Trace Precedents”, blue arrows show the direct input cells. By clicking it the button again, the input cells of these input cells will also be shown and so on. The same way you can see the cells, which use the current cell as an input value. Just click on “Trace Dependents” for displaying the arrow in the opposite direction. Excel does not allow tracing of dependancies along hidden sheets. Even the range.dependents object in VBA macro code does not contain references to hidden cells. you could make a macro for this that freezes the screen, unhides all worksheets, makes the list, hides all appropriate worksheets again and finally unfreezes the screen.

Trace precedents and dependents arrows are useful for reasonably simple formulas, but they can quickly turn into pick-up sticks in more complex scenarios: Another easy way to highlight cells referenced in a formula is to press F2 to edit the cell containing the formula in question. Apr 06, 2017 · Excel offers a simple way to review which cells are both dependent on and depended upon by other cells. The feature is called trace precedents and dependents. Find Formulas, Functions and Cells Connected to a Cell. Open your workbook to a sheet that contains cells with precedents or dependents.

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In Excel Ctrl+[or ] will sometimes directly switch to another sheet to show the precedents or dependents in that sheet. I want that programmatically, because I want to get the precedents (or dependents) of a selection of cells. Range.Dependents and Range.Precedents have other issues, but the solution there does not solve the extra-sheet issue. Example excel assignment project: If you want to divide many numbers such as 6,000 and 7,000 by 1,000— simply enter 1,000 into an empty cell anywhere on your worksheet, copy it, select the cells containing the values 6,000 and 7,000, hit Alt+E S for paste special, choose the "divide" option in the 'operation' section of the paste special ...